The best thing to do for Bali Travel Spot

What are the iconic features through Bali Travel Spot?
Bali Travel Spot being the top choice of tourist destination in Southeast Asia. It has been proven from the data that there are over 2 million tourist per year within over 3 million residents in this island. Completed with the unique culture of Hinduism, tourists will not regret with Balinese landscape that being iconic feature such as a terrace rice paddy. Not only that, but the government continues developing the infrastructure in this island for the tourists so that it offers the activities in wide range include ages, nationalities and even budgets. 

What are the vacation ideas to visit Bali?
Bali vacation ideas is necessary for you if this is the first time to go there. If you want to spend your time for adventure activities, Bali offers its beautiful coral reefs that allow you to try scuba diving and even snorkeling. For this activity, you can visit Village of Tulamben which is on the east coast as the favorite spot since during World War II there was an American Liberty ship that had been sunk. Within this historical background, it created a sea life and offered the stunning example of sea scene. Another place for you could be protected island of Menjangan located on the north coast. There, you can enjoy the view of sharks and barracuda. If you like white – Water River rafting, you can try the Ayung River that offers you a safe rafting with children as best Bali Travel Spot

What are the best places for Sightseeing in Bali?

Bali vacation spot offers natural beauty view. There are thousands lovely temples such as Mother Temple in Besakhi and Pural Ulun Danu that located in the Bedugal Area which provide its beautiful surroundings, architecture and cultural value. If you want to see Balinese activities, you can walk along the small roads to the villages surrounding Ubud. Meanwhile, you can find out colorful dances, drama, music and ceremonies as the key elements of Balinese Hinduism. They do ceremonies at temple and even in the certain time as the way to entertain at the social events. You can enjoy Pendet Dance as sacred dance. Other dances will be performed for a person’s birthday, for welcoming guests and also as the part of marriage ceremony. The popular dance is Kecak dance that commonly do by both Balinese and tourists. The most important thing you have to know is Kecak dance holds in the evening because it is the common time to perform the special performance for tourist who visit Bali Travel Spot.

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The best thing to do for Bali Travel Spot
The best thing to do for Bali Travel Spot
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